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About Us....
Absolute Jewelry Mfg.  
Founded 1983
     We are specialist in high quality handmade sterling silver jewelry with labor intensive inlay work using various semi-precious stones from around the world.
Benefits of our Highly Skilled team:
    Social Security
    2 Week paid vacation
    Work 12 months, receive 1 extra month Christmas bonus (13 month)
    Maternity leave (30% are female)
     Housing loans
    Overtime, time & 1/2
    Ventilation in workplace
    Full time nurse
Absolute Community Involvement
    We we're green long before it was fashionable & prior to Al Gore's documentary
   All water uesed in factory is recycled & filtered.
    Early 2006 all factory light bulbs were changed from Flourescent to new     energy saver, 180 units were changed - saving 50% energy.
    Currently Absolute is furnishing energy saving bulbs to its 200 workers.
   Absolute tree planting commitment - one day each month create     challenge to local government.
   Abosolute vocational program is a first as we are only school in    Philippines that trainee's earn while they learn the art of stone cutting &    silversmithing.
   We offer and paint some churches and local government facilities.
   We have a donation program to enhance the local schools with chairs and    computers.
Absolute Silversmiths 

    Specialized in artisan work style with 150 years of accumulative experience in design and creativity & delivering jewelry of the highest quality.....

    Exceptional care goes into every piece of jewelry, one person, one piece at a time.....
    W  e bring you the finest - - - the World has to offer.....
    Each piece is made to perfection in the pursuit of exceptional beauty.....
Absolute Inlayers
  Over 285 years of accumulative experience..... their strong points:  
Artisanship & Quality